Most of us only call a plumber when we’re in a pinch. The toilet is overflowing on the brand-new floor, or it’s freezing cold and the hot water has suddenly stopped working. So we pick the first name that comes up on Google and dial the number. But not all plumbers are created equal. While the principles underlying the art and science of plumbing are universal, the devil is in the detail. The most appropriate plumbing service for your needs depends on three main considerations.

First, think about the scale of use. In a home, only a few people use a limited number of simple fixtures. The stress on the system and the number of things that can go wrong is fairly small, so a residential plumber is the obvious choice. They are accustomed to seeing similar problems day after day and have the ability and resources to diagnose and repair them quickly and efficiently. Since they are set up to deal with a specific and limited range of problems, residential plumbers can keep their overhead costs low, passing savings on to clients.

A second consideration is the size and complexity of the system. Commercial plumbing systems are larger and more involved than residential ones. They receive the same kinds of use but with increased volume. In addition, commercial systems may be used for industrial processes. The materials are different and, as a result, so are the skills and resources required of plumbers. Commercial plumbers are specially trained to tackle these challenges.

Finally, commercial and residential plumbers work on different business models. Beyond the differences in hands-on skills, their companies are set up differently. Residential plumbers may work alone, from nine to five between Monday and Friday. Commercial plumbing companies have a large human- and material-resources base that enables them to respond quickly and effectively whenever they are needed, because a leak in a system carrying thousands of gallons of water can cause a lot of damage quickly. Moreover, plumbing codes for commercial properties are often complex, and commercial plumbers are specifically trained and certified to understand them.

So it’s worth taking the time to look for a plumber who best suits your needs before you have a problem. You’ll save yourself money and see that the job gets done right.

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