Sewer locator services are used by property owners to locate water and sewage lines and to find leaks in these lines.

The water serviced to your home is serviced by the water utilities. Every time you turn on a top, there is water used that you do not consume. This water has to go somewhere- either down the drain or to the sewer. Many people refer to this as black water as it often shows up black. For all water services coming into the home the water is transported via pipes. And, knowing where these pipes are is very important.

Sewer pipes for instance, can benefit you in more ways than one. If you know where the sewer pipes when a repair occurs it is much easier to fix a leak or replace the lines. If you don’t have any idea where the pipes are then you have a couple different options. You can call the city or county and ask if they have a map that would help you locate the lines, or you can enlist the services of a sewer locator service. Some county’s and city’s have online tools that you can access that you can use to help you to locate your sewer.

Sewer locator services will come to your property and locate the pipes for you. If you are planning on digging your sewer then this definitely will be a service you will want. Their sewer locator service will bring a locator tool to your site that like a metal detector which will detect the old lines. The professional will wave the locator back and forth across the ground waiting to hear signals that are picked up. The 3M Dynatel locators are a system of microprocessors based which have advanced digital signaling systems that will quickly and efficiently locate your underground sewer. These systems are excellent in heavy traffic areas. They are also water proof so there is no reason to worry about a rainy day.

The sewer locator service will use many tools for detecting lines. For new lines they have what they call a pipe and conduit locator and Sondes. This locator is used to locate non-metallic pipes or conduits with a self contained locator transmitter and or push-rods. There are several types of Sondes the locating service may use such as Bennie Sonde, Standard Sewer Pipe Sonde, Sewer Sonde, Super Sonde, Super Small Sonde, and the Conduit Sonde. The Sonde will fit into a pipe as small as 3 inches and will make a 90 degree corner and with a 4 inch pipe it will make a 180 degree corner. You will be simply amazed should you watch the locating service.

Some locator services will also use a video camera where they run it down the sewer line and are able to read the direction of the sewer lines and where they go. This allows the company the knowledge of where to dig to fix a leak or breakage and where the lines run exactly.

Sewer locator services are used for both new and existing properties for the various reasons above. Should you need a service near you the Internet is a great place to access.