Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

At Express Plumbing Services, we employ the Pipe Pull method for trench-less sewer pipe replacement, which uses the existing damaged sewer line as a conduit and guide for the new pipe. A cone-shaped, path-clearing installation head with the new pipe attached is inserted through the old pipe. As the installation head passes through the existing pipe, it actually pulls in a full-size replacement pipe!

How Pipe Relining Works:

Metal piping begins to deteriorate from the moment its put to service. Pipe relining, otherwise known as trenchless rehabilitation, includes construction methods such as pipe bursting, cured-in-place pipe, slip lining, thermoformed pipe lining, and other methods for the repair, or replacement of existing pipes which are buried in and around structures without excavation, or very minimal excavation. Slip lining, or thermoformed pipe involves pulling a new liner into an existing pipe, then applying pressure or heat to force the liner to fill the pipe. Cured-in-place pipe relining utilizes curable resin to form a pipe within a pipe.

Why Would We Advise You To Reline Your Pipes Rather Than Replacing Them?
Pipe relining can fix pipe leak problems without excavating.
It is cost effective in comparison to the replacing the pipes.
Relined pipes can last over 50+ years!
Pipe Relining Is an Eco-friendly Solution
Pipe relining is an eco-friendly solution that creates nothing for landfills or for recycling. And by renewing old corroded pipes through relining it prevents toxic metals from seeping into the ground causing pollution.

Pipe relining not only helps you get rid of the pipe leak problems, this process makes sure that this doesn’t happen again for a very long time. Relined pipes can last over 50+ years! With the technology we use at Express Plumbing Services, we make sure that your problems are solved once and for all.

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